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"The level of research and diligence that Rycal have undertaken to ensure this investment opportunity is unique and unmissable cannot be underestimated. A complete success, one that no bank can compete with. Thank you Simon, a pleasure to work with. The only other thing I should also add is that when you said you would do everything and I didn't need to worry about anything but sign a few papers - it really was true! So thank you for that too.

Sarah Jeffcorn, private landlord

"Working with Rycal Investment Group was easy and straightforward. The team are friendly, reliable and helpful making my investment process seamless. I trust the company implicitly and will definitely be recommending them.

Sally Morton, private investor

"I could not be more impressed with everything I saw and as a result placed offers on three properties. I offer my learnings, actions and results for you to apply while reading opportunities open to you below. I welcome your response with any questions you may have. [Read the full case study, learnings and results of my investment in the Case Studies section on Rycal Group website]

Peter Graham, investor/landlord

"The information and figures on each property was documented very clearly and on my return we secured a beautiful duplex property in a great area for an amazing price. Rycal Investments took care of every detail from the refit of the property to opening up our bank account and all the legalities. As promised both apartments rented within 30 days and we are now receiving a net income of about 15% on our investment. We are currently in the process of releasing more capital to invest with Rycal Investments and our friends and colleagues are delighted with our introduction to the Company some of which are already working with Simon on options to invest I would be very happy to talk to anyone on the process and experience that I have had working with Rycal Investments. [phyllgraham@hotmail.com]

Phyll Graham, private investor