Apartments Rented within 30 Days; Net Income 15%

Apartments Rented within 30 Days; Net Income 15%

"I was introduced to Rycal Investments by my son as we were thinking about investing in more property in the UK. He had met Simon previously regarding business fiance and had been very impressed by him and knew that he was in the process of setting up an Investment company in the USA...

Following an initial meeting with Simon I decided to accompany him and his colleagues on a buyers trip to Minneapolis.

I was very impressed from the outset not only by the organisation of the trip ie the travel arrangements/accommodation but more importantly by the professional accruements and attitude of everyone involved in the company in the USA. I was encouraged to meet everyone involved from the realtors to the letting agents and accountants. I viewed about 8 properties and I can honestly say that I could have bought at least 5 of them. I read several articles and watched the news on the economic forecast for business and property in the area while I was there and every single one supported the information Simon had already provided me with.

The information and figures on each property was documented very clearly and on my return we secured a beautiful duplex property in a great area for an amazing price. Rycal Investments took care of every detail from the refit of the property to opening up our bank account and all the legalities.

As promised both apartments rented within 30 days and we are now receiving a net income of about 15% on our investment. We are currently in the process of releasing more capital to invest with Rycal Investments and our friends and colleagues are delighted with our introduction to the Company some of which are already working with Simon on options to invest.

I would be very happy to talk to anyone on the process and experience that I have had working with Rycal Investments."
- Phyll Graham - phyllgraham@hotmail.com

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