The US Real Estate Lending Scam Network - RealtyBizNews.com
23 September 2016

The US Real Estate Lending Scam Network - RealtyBizNews.com

The US real estate market has always offered opportunities for both foreign and domestic developers and Investors.

I have worked in this market place in nearly every capacity over the last 10 years on projects as little as $30,000 to as much $100,000,000. As founder of Rycal Investment Group, I have worked with Realtors helping foreign investors purchase property in the US. We have personally bought and renovated, rented and sold Residential real estate as well as developed new build real estate for the same reason.

In addition, we have developed Commercial land projects and worked heavily on the planning process of such projects. On the other side of this and in my capacity as CEO of the Carlton James Group I have designed complex funding structures in the alternative investment market and in turn have invested in other companies in the US Commercial Real estate arena.

US real estate is an attractive and vast open market, with an array of new laws, processes and pitfalls that many investors may be unaware of. At Rycal, we have coined the phrase – ‘if you’re not earning, you’re learning,’ a phrase that encompasses the importance of learning lessons from your own as well as other’s mistakes. Here are some of the lessons I have learned:

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