The Impact of Brexit on the US Economy - WealthManagement.com
21 June 2016

The Impact of Brexit on the US Economy - WealthManagement.com

As we approach Thursday’s vote for Brexit, many investors have speculated what a potential exit from the EU will mean for the UK. However, the outcome of the EU referendum possesses both short- and long-term ramifications that will affect markets around the world — not just the UK.

There are of course negative ways of viewing the Brexit’s impact on the U.S. economy, but also opportunistic ways to view any major global financial change. As always, it’s best to keep in mind risk, potential upside and who you choose to invest in and with.

The Negative Impacts

For private and corporate investors, businesses and individuals, it is understandable that they are looking for guidance in order to make financial decisions both now and in the immediate short term without negative impact, and to minimize losses. In the U.S. — as evidenced by Monday's market being up over 200 points due to rumors the Brexit would not occur — the global market is nervous about the event moving forward. As we all know, markets do not like uncertainty and lack of confidence, which, of course, will stop countries, companies and investors from investing capital.

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